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Dr. Bolger was trained personally by Dr. Trokel the inventor of the Y LIFT®.

Y LIFT® Anti-Aging Treatment

It is important to us to offer sophisticated treatment options to patients of our aesthetics clinic in the Quad Cities and Eastern Iowa. Historically, it has been necessary to travel to large cities, sometimes in other states, to obtain advanced beauty treatments like the Y LIFT®. Not anymore. Our training in this innovative technology is changing the way our patients approach their aging process.

Let’s Look at Facial Aging

In order to understand the immense value of the Y LIFT® non-surgical facial contouring technique, we have to start with a brief lesson in facial anatomy.
It has long been understood that beauty is a matter of proportions. To explain it simply, we like to see width near the top of the face – around the eyes and cheek area. This would be referred to as the arms of the Y. As we look at the face, the eye then likes to see narrowing at the chin, like the stem of the Y. With age, the Y shape starts to invert, and the face becomes wider at the bottom half. This happens mainly due to bone loss. The drop of tissue and overall loss of structure can dramatically alter the appearance of the face.
Not everyone who seeks Y LIFT® treatment does so to reverse the signs of aging. In many instances, the facial shape is naturally lacking the contours needed to make a beautiful impact.

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What is Y LIFT®?

The Y LIFT® non-surgical procedure is based on what Dr. Yan Trokel calls Structural Volumizing®. It is more than the addition of volume using dermal fillers. The Y LIFT® ultimately addresses the issue of volume loss in a very precise manner through which contours are added in just the right areas. For example, adding volume to the cheeks, and then molding the product that has been introduced, doesn’t just reinstate the appearance of cheekbones; it also lifts the jowls and restores the angular nature of the jawline and curve of the upper neck. Click here to see videos on Y LIFT.

How much does the Y LIFT® cost?

The final cost of a Y LIFT® depends on what type of Juvederm we use. We perform a thorough consultation and structural evaluation of the face in order to accurately propose treatment costs to each patient. A consultation with Dr. Bolger does not obligate you to obtain treatment, and it provides you with the details you need to know how to restore the appearance of youthful beauty to your face.

What is The Non-Surgical Facelift procedure?

It is important to differentiate the Y LIFT® from a liquid facelift. This goes back to that Structural Volumizing® technique. The conventional liquid facelift usually involves BOTOX treatment to lift a drooping brow and the standard use of dermal fillers such as Juvederm in superficial dermal tissue to plump the skin. A Y LIFT® administers Juvederm hyaluronic acid filler much deeper just above the bone, where the foundation of cheekbones and angular contours is built. In so doing, this technique is able to achieve much more dramatic results.
Steps to treatment include:

  • Anesthetizing the areas to be treated
  • Cleansing the skin
  • Marking off injection sites.
  • Using the small titanium cannula (or tube), Dr. Bolger administers Juvederm under the muscle tissue that is situated just over the bone.
  • After the proper amount of product has been added, the area is massaged to achieve the desired contoured effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery time?
Due to its non-surgical nature, the Y LIFT® falls into the category of a “Lunchtime Beauty Treatment.” Patients receive a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area prior to injections of hyaluronic acid product. After the short office visit, most of our patients return to their normal activities, even returning to the office.
Are there any side effects?
The use of a small cannula, or hollow needle instrument, may cause slight redness or bruise at injection sites. If these side effects do occur, they are generally so mild that they are not noticeable. Rarely a deep bruise can occur as well.
What are the pros of non-surgical facelift compared to a regular facelift?
The clear advantage of a non-surgical facelift using the Y LIFT® technique is that there are no surgical risks involved in treatment and no downtime. The disadvantage is that results last 2 to 3 years, versus much longer for a surgical facelift. Keep in mind, however, that surgical facelifts only tighten the skin and superficial tissue, they do not restore the structure needed for contouring. A surgical facelift pulls the skin back whereas the Y LIFT® addresses the problem that causes the loose skin.


We would love to consult with you regarding facial rejuvenation with a Y LIFT®. Call our Davenport, IA office at (563) 355-4813. We service the Davenport, Iowa City, Muscatine, Cedar Rapids, Clinton, Moline, and Bettendorf areas.

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