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Tattoo removal davenport IA

Tattoo Removal

Are you regretting your tattoo? You are not alone, a study found that one in four people regrets getting a tattoo. Thankfully, with the rise of technology and lasers tattoo removal is not as painful, quicker and easier than ever before.

Dr. Bolger at Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center has exemplary experience removing unwanted tattoos for patients in Davenport, IA.

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Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

At Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center we make tattoo removal as pain-free as possible. Since, we have a physician on site, we have various methods to manage pain:

  1. We have a separate medical cooling device that cools the skin to -30 degrees to dull pain
  2. We can use both injected or topical anesthetic
  3. We can use laughing gas anesthesia for very large tattoos



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How long will the treatment last?

Treatment time depends on the size of the tattoo. It can be 10 minutes but up to 45 minutes. The ink of the tattoo will “frost” and the surrounding skin will be red and somewhat inflamed.


Tattoo Removal Technology

Enlighten™ laser

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I need to erase my tattoo 100%?
Although many tattoos can be faded 100%, it is sometimes not possible. It also depends if patient would like to fade or treat until there isn’t any further improvement (we call this “treat to complete”). The number of sessions also depend on the type of ink used, the depth of the ink, age of the tattoo and color. Blue and greens are the hardest colors to fade.
Are all tattoos removable? Full black tattoos too?
All tattoos can be lightened however blues and greens are the hardest color to remove and may require additional treatments.
Will my skin look different in that area?
The ink of the tattoo will “frost” and the surrounding skin will be red and somewhat inflamed. Due to the nature of the procedure, the skin may appear lighter.
Can I get another tattoo in the skin area where I received the treatment?
Yes, once the skin is healed. It can take up to 4 weeks from the last appointment.
Do you offer a guarantee?
We offer a guarantee that your tattoo will be removed in 6 treatments or less or we will “treat to complete” with unlimited sessions until your tattoo no longer fades.
How long have you been using lasers?
Our technician is a certified laser technician with over 4 year’s experience in laser treatments..
Do you have a physician on site at all times who specializes in aesthetics in case I get burned?
There is a physician on site 5 days a week who specializes in aesthetic medicine prepared to handle any complication such as burns or pain
Does the technician have medical training?
Our technician has medical training to recognize complications. Our clinic also sends our staff to national continuing education conferences 2-3 times a year to stay up to date on the latest technologies.

Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center proudly serves patients in Davenport, IA and surrounding areas with advanced tattoo removal services. Call  563-355-4813 or fill out a Contact Form here to schedule a consultation!

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