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PRP Injection

The sagging skin and volume loss that is a standard part of aging can really take its toll on the face. The cheeks lose volume, and creases and wrinkles form due to decreasing collagen and elastin production in the body. A surgical facelift, one of the earliest performed cosmetic procedures, has been used to turn back the clock on some of this aging. But a facelift is invasive surgery and demands a lengthy recovery period.

But what if you could use a combination of hyaluronic acid fillers and your own PRP to provide similar rejuvenation without a single incision? That’s what thePRP Injection does. In the PRP Injection, Dr. Bolger mixes hyaluronic acid filler with PRP to lift the skin and restore youthful volume and shape. Fillers alone don’t improve skin tone and texture. The growth factors present in PRP activate the growth of new collagen, tissue, and blood vessels to smooth the skin and provide a healthy glow.

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PRP Injection

In the PRP Injection, instead of using dermal fillers, the procedure uses micro needling combined with topical application of PRP. The goal of the PRP Injection isn’t to replace volume or overcome sagging skin as in the PRP Injection. The goal here is to improve the skin quality by improving skin tone and texture, reducing fine lines, and giving the skin an overall healthy glow. This is what a typical facial seeks to achieve, but the addition of PRP makes the PRP Injection much more effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PRP Injection Facelift or PRP Injection Facial?
Patients wonder which of these PRP procedures is right for them. The question is the degree of volume loss and sagging in the skin. If there is more volume loss, the PRP Injection is the way to go, as it uses dermal fillers to replace lost volume and plump the skin. If skin quality is the issue, but you still have good skin elasticity and volume, then the PRP Injection is the right procedure. The goal is skin quality, not replacing volume.
How is the PRP Injection facelift done?
Dr. Bolger performs the PRP Injection by injecting a mixture of Juvederm and PRP into the areas where volume loss and sagging skin have taken their toll. The goal is to return the natural shape present in the younger face. Next, the patient’s blood is drawn and the PRP is isolated. The final step is to return the PRP into the face and let it activate the growth factors. Dr. Bolger uses numbing cream and a tiny needle for these injections. Returning the PRP is performed in a method specific only to those trained in the Vampire Facelift® technique. Once in place, the growth factors and cytokines activate the stem cells already present in the skin tissue. Activation creates a wound response, where new collagen, blood vessels, and fatty tissue are produced to address the perceived wound. The result is younger-looking skin that continues to improve for the next two to three months. Those results last up to two years.*
How is thePRP Injection Facial done?
The first step is to take the patient’s blood and isolate the PRP. Next, a micro-needling pen is passed over the patient’s face. The microneedle pen uses 12 microscopic needles to create thousands of microscopic channels through the epidermis, the outer layer of the patient’s skin. Although the thousands of channels are so tiny that they fully heal in just a matter of hours, the body again perceives them as wounds and responds by increasing production of collagen and elastic at the “wound” sites. Microneedling is a stand-alone procedure, but when you add PRP to it the results are far more dramatic. That’s why Dr. Bolger then applies your PRP across all the areas where the micro needling was performed. The PRP is able to get into the skin through the thousands of microscopic punctures, where its growth factors combine with the body’s healing processes to rejuvenate the skin.
What are the pros and cons of these two procedures?
Because both procedures use the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma, there aren’t any reactions. Still, patients with extensive sagging and volume loss may be better off with a surgical facelift. Remember, the results of the PRP Injection last from one to two years, whereas a surgical facelift generally lasts around one decade. If you need more extensive results, surgery could be a better option. But on the plus side, if you can gain many of the same results of a surgical procedure without the surgery, what’s not to love? That’s what the PRP Injection facelift and PRP Injection Facial can provide.

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