PDO Thread and Suture Suspension

If you need an efficient way to lift sagging skin without the use of intrusive surgeries, a PDO thread lift may be the answer. NovaThreads enables fast results through inserting a needle containing a PDO thread into the tissue, then retracting it, leaving the thread under the skin. This creates a natural production of collagen in the skin, healing itself and resulting in a non-surgical lift. Dr. Paul M. Bolger has completed advanced training in REjuvn8 and Novathreads. He is one of very few physicians to complete a master class with the surgeon who developed REjuvn8.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are PDO threads?
PDO stands for Polydioxanone. We also call it a “sugar thread” because once it is dissolved it turns into sugar and water. PDO sutures have been used for over 20 years and are used in fetal hearts for surgery. If it is used in in a fetal heart for surgery, you know it is safe.
What is the difference between PDO Thread and Suture Suspension? 
Suture suspension is a way of saying a PDO suspension. The threads suspend areas while your natural tissues replace the threads to hold the tissues in place for one to two years after the threads have been metabolized or dissolved by your body.
What are the treatment areas? 

PDO threads “or sutures” can be used anywhere in the body where you want lift or a tightening to take place. We can do faces, necks, arms, legs, hands, breasts and buttocks. Some of our best results come from breast or buttock lifts.The thread and even the poke where the thread is placed makes your own body produce tissue that suspends or holds loose or sagging tissue in place with the new tissue that is formed.

What is the recovery time after these procedures?
There is no recovery. Most of the time you leave with small puncture holes in your hairline. Occasionally there will be bruising but most of the time when the puncture holes have healed, the only long term effect is the lift.
What kind of results can be expected after the procedure? 
The results depend on the type of thread that is placed. One type of thread has little hooks (or barbs) all the way up and down the thread which holds loose tissue in place where the doctor puts the tissue. This causes a lift of loose skin. Smooth threads lead to a body reaction which cause a general tightening of the skin wherever the thread is placed. The pull or tightening improves over months as your body replaces the thread with your own tissues.
Am I a good candidate for PDO Thread and Suture Suspension? 

“Of course you are!” Whether you are a candidate depends on the type of thread we use. If you have loose or hanging skin, then the hooked or barbed threads may not be right for you. Your skin may be too heavy for the threads. But no skin is too heavy for tightening. The fact that the thread gets replaced with your own tighter tissues makes anyone who wants any part of the body tighter a candidate. The key is whether you want a “fix” or an “improvement.” A true “fix” can need a risky surgery. If you would be happy with an “improvement,” then threads are for you.


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