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At Medical Aesthetics we are passionate about caring for skin. Because of this, we have invested in state of the art equipment and lasers to keep your skin tone and texture at its best. We also have machines that encourage collagen production to keep your skin youthful. Consistency with laser is crucial to getting results. Laser work for skin is a process and results are only seen over time. Collagen building takes up to 6 months after laser work. This program allows you one year to work on your skin so you can see the benefit from the results.

For 99$ per month, you’ll be entitled to one of the following procedures depending on your concerns:

One IPL treatment (also called a photo facial)

IPL is ideal for sunspots and pigment issues. You cannot have had any sun exposure for two weeks before or two weeks after IPL so most patients do this treatment in the fall and winter to clear up the sun damage from the previous season. $150 value

One treatment with our 1540 fractional skin resurfacing laser

This laser specializes in the production of collagen and rebuilding damaged skin such as fine lines and wrinkles. It helps with loose skin as well as scars and stretch marks. $150 value

Two areas of laser hair reduction procedure

With this treatment, you cannot have had sun exposure to the treated area for two weeks before or two weeks after treatment. $200 value

One Vanquish ME treatment per month $250 value

Dermablading with lash lift.

Dermablading is a scraping of the dead layers of the skin with a scalpel. It is much more effective at removing dead skin than microdermabrasion because it is able to remove deeper layers of the epidermis. A lash lift is a process that adds curl to your lashes making them look more youthful. $135 value

One level one peel.

A peel is a procedure where a substance is applied to the surface of the skin causing a very mild peeling of the skin. It is another way to remove dead, unhealthy skin. $125 value.

A one-year commitment is required because the discounts are only available to patients who are committed to keeping their skin looking their best.

Call Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center to join our monthly subscription plan at (563) 355-4813 or if you would like more information. You can also contact us here.

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