MEDAWC Signature Facial – The Ritual

The Ritual is return to balance. This treatment delivers on its promise with a customized formula that synergistically delivers results with:

  • Vacuuming the surface to remove embedded debris and stimulate circulation
  • Powerful Oxygenation using a timeless form of treatment called electrical current to tone, detoxifies, and increase optimal absorption of topicals.
  • Two forms of Lymphatic Drainage to remove waste and promote balance.
  • Three forms of Stimulation to excite younger cells and resuscitate your skin.

Experience the Wellness journey “must have” to return your inner calm, reduce visible tension, and restore the reflective quality of your skin.

Book the vacation your face has been asking for: A Ritual Facial.

Setup Consultation

I choose to use Ritual in the name because rituals have the power to make conscious decisions real to the subconscious.

Technical Step by step: Explain to the patient that this treatment has two parts: the series of steps that I explain – the FBI’s (features, benefits and incentives) of each. Then the balancing portion that will be done with mindful silence.

    1. Cleanse – with 4×4 gauze
    2. Gommage (a light blend of topical acids applied as a gel and massaged into the skin. The combination creates a sloughing process that results in the shedding of dead cells and, to some degree superfluous hair (similar to the sugaring process of hair removal). Steam may be used with this step if appropriate for the skin type. 8 in 1
    3. Extractions may be done at this time if needed.
    4. A blend of raw sugar mixed Manuka honey is buffed into the lips to exfoliate.
    5. High Frequency glass wand delivers electrical current to dried skin that is covered with unfolded gauze 4x4for 3 minutes. The hand piece is moved across the face and neck in circular motions. A Technique called “sparking” may be used on acne lesions to expiate healing. The oil works as a magnet to pull unwanted debris form the skin. 8 in 1
    6. Fruit acid Exfoliant is applied with gauze to give high end toning effects.
    7. A light application of organic oil is applied to face and neck. The 8 in 1 vacuuming is used to pass over the skin working from center of face to the perimeter and finishing at the clavicle to promote can be used over specific areas of the face if patient has sinus issues as well as at the corners of the eyes for toning. The vacuum is also passed along the vermillion border and onto the lip surface to smooth fines lines and give a temporary plumping to the lips. I use a mirror to show the patients that this mimics what the long term results of filler can look like. 8 in 1
    8. Patient is taught Combat Breathing (a Cognitive behavior therapy technique) with one hand on belly and one over their true heart. Mantras are introduced with each of the four count breathing steps: Inhalation four counts “I am whole and I am well.” Holding the thought and breath to four counts, four counts exhalation “Thank you”, last four counts- hover in the present moment. A series of two are done and then my hands are placed onto their forehead and I say, “Just rest, this is all (name) time now.”

    The facial massage consists of a combination of traditional Swedish massage, Shiatsu Japanese finger pressure, and manual Lymphatic Drainage. Note: this is not a European Facial that incorporates neck and shoulder massage, which require changing into a spa wrap or taking time out of the service to disrobe.
    9. A second application of Fruit Acid Exfoliant is applied.
    10. A mask appropriate to the skin type and concerns is applied. While the mask is working, I massage hands. Combat breathing is repeated.
    11. Mask is removed with warm towels from hot towel caddy and appropriate serums or hydration is applied.
    12. SPF is rocked onto the skin. Rock the Block!
    13. Two cleansing breaths are shared as shoulders are gently rocked. My palms are placed over the eyes and forehead as I say “You are a perfect whole being. Namaste.”

    Patient is left to relax and asked to join me at the front desk where water will be waiting.

    Time elapsed: 34-40minutes, allowing for time for tag off at front desk with next appointment suggestion and booking, as well as turnaround time for treatment room.

    Note: Acne Facial does not include massage and may not include lymphatic drainage depending on activity present in the skin.

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