Dermal Fillers in Davenport, IA

Juvéderm in Davenport IA

Add volume and smooth out deep facial creases helping restore youthfulness for up to two years

Dermal Fillers are injected into lines, creases, and grooves in the face and provide a near instantaneous correction of medium to deep lines. They are also injected into the lips to provide plumping or definition to the lips.

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Dermal Fillers in Davenport IA

We use Juvéderm to restore youthfulness to the following areas

  •  Lift & Contour Cheeks
  •  Smooth facial lines & wrinkles
  •  Plump lips

Lift & contour cheeks
JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC is the only filler proven to last up to 2 years in the cheek area.

Smooth facial lines & wrinkles
JUVÉDERM® XC is the only HA filler proven to last up to 1 year in moderate to severe facial wrinkles and lines.

Plump lips
JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC is the only filler proven to last up to 1 year in the lips.

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC is tailored to add subtle volume to the lips and smooth the appearance of vertical lip lines.

* Individual results my vary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a filler made of? How many types of filler are there?
BFillers generally come in two types. The first is made of a substance called HA or hyaluronic acid. This is a natural substance that is in everyone’s body in the skin as well as between cells. The beauty of HA is that we keep an “eraser” for HA called hyaluronidase. We can safely take out what we put in. We rarely have to use it, but having the security that fillers placed in the face and neck can be reversed is very reassuring to us as well as our patients. The second type of filler is called “biostimulatory.” This type of filler has small spheres that cause your body to produce it’s own collagen. This filler cannot be reversed We only reserve this filler for areas of the face where we know can only rarely be “messed up” and where it will not need to be reversed. In the US there are over 10 types of fillers. Because we are so busy we always keep fillers on hand that meet every need in the face. Some fillers are stiffer than others. Some fillers retain water. Part of the art of what we do involves choosing the right filler for the goal we are trying to attain. You never want to be injected by someone who does not carry at least 5 different types of filler in their office. As professionals, we strongly believe that we need as many tools as possible to help you reach your goals as effectively and as naturally as possible.
How much filler do I need? How long does it last?
It depends 100% on your goals. We have patients that only get one and we have patients who get as many as 10 in one session. This depends 100% on the goals and needs of the patients. The longevity of the filler is based on 3 things: Filler goes away quicker in areas that are injected that have more movement such as lip. The type of filler that is used helps determine how long it lasts.
The composition of the filler is extremely important in determining how long it stays in the body. How active you are also impacts this. Athletes who speed their metabolism also speed blood flow to the face. More blood flow means that the filler does not last as long.
What is Juvéderm?
Juvéderm is a brand name. There are 6 different types of Juvéderm. We often have patients saying that they only want Juvéderm not knowing that question does not answer what kind of Juvéderm is best for what they need and are trying to accomplish. We consider Juvéderm to be one of the safest fillers because it can be reversed.
What is Restylane?
Restylane is very similar to Juvéderm and can accomplish very similar things to Juvéderm. We are almost completely monogamous with the makers of Juvéderm because we feel that we have enough tools with Juvéderm to accomplish almost any goal.
What is Radiesse?
Radiesse is a biostimulatory filler. It has microspheres that cause the body to create it’s own collagen. This process is not reversible so Radiesse in the wrong hands can be disasterous. We recommend that you avoid injectors who use more Radiesse then other products because they get a better deal on Radiesse then on Juvéderm.
What is Sculptra?
Sculptra is a liquid injection of biostimulatory particles that help your body create collagen. Sculptra is great for temple volume loss as well as for general, overall volumization of the face. Sculptra injections are always done in a series because through this method we like to volumize over time. The last thing we want is our patients to look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
How does filler work in the lips? Do lip injections hurt?
Filler replaces loss of volume in the lips. Lips are one of the most complicated area to fill and when done incorrectly can lead to an unnatural look and make you look out of proportion. Any time you are injected with a needle it hurts. We are very sensitive to this and have many techniques to help manage your pain.
First of all, for patients who want no pain, we can numb your lips entirely.
Secondly we prefer what we like to call the “no touch technique.” With this technique we use what is called a microcannula. A microcannula is a very small plastic or metal tube. The way we use it is by numbing the corners of the mouth and making a tiny hole. We then insert the microcannula in the lip through the side of the mouth and fill the lip through the tube. This avoids having your lips poked dozens of times which is one of the main causes of bruising. The microcannulas we use are state of the art tubes that are not sharp at the end. Because they are not sharp, instead of cutting blood vessels they push them to the side. This does not eliminate bruising but reduces the chance of bruising significantly. For patients where it is appropriate, we do compliment our “no touch technique” with a few injections.

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