How Your Skin Ages At Every Stage

Facial Treatments Davenport IANo matter what age you tell everybody you are, your skin knows your real age and likely has a few signs to show for it. Luckily, at whatever stage of life you’re in, we at Medical Aesthetics and Wellness has a skin care treatment plan for you. Whether you’re in your teens or 60’s, this article will discuss normal skin concerns to have at each stage of the aging process.

Your Teens

Your teens may be the most memorable decade for your skin because of that sudden onset of acne. And if you had chronic acne, your teens may have been worse than you remembered.

Your 20’s

Once you reach your 20’s you may think that since your oil production has slowed down, you’re in the clear when it comes to acne but that’s not true. In fact, a lot of people in their twenties still suffer from frequent acne breakouts. To help combat acne breakouts in your twenties, make sure that you are washing your face both morning and night. Additionally, your twenties is when you may start showing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. To get a head start on your anti-aging skin care routine, start using products that contain ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid in your early twenties.

Your 30’s

Your thirties is when you will start to notice more considerable changes in your skin like dryness, darker circles under your eyes, and more distinct fine lines and wrinkles. In your thirties is when many patients really start to consider getting things like regular chemical peels, dermal fillers, and even Botox.

Your 40’s

In your 40’s is when you’ll really want to start amping up your skin care and skin care procedures. Fine lines and wrinkles will look deeper, and you may need to get injections more often. Additionally, we may recommend prescription-strength anti-aging products like retinol.

Your 50’s and 60’s

Typically women in their 50’s start to experience increasingly drier skin because of menopause. To help combat this dryness, you can change up your skincare routine or ask our staff about any skin care treatments that may help your skin retain more moisture.

Your skin ages just like the rest of your body. If you want to learn more about how you can combat signs of aging at every stage, schedule an appointment at our Davenport office today and call: (563) 355-4813.

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