3 Ways to Get Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Facial Treatments Davenport IA Being in your youth and looking like you’re in your youth are two completely different things. For most people, their youth wasn’t necessarily a time they look back on with fondness. But, because youthful skin is something that everybody wants to have, maybe your youth wasn’t just filled with bad prom dates and regrettable haircuts. Here at Medical Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer patients a variety of treatments to help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and increase the collagen in your skin overall.

Venus Viva

One procedure that not many of our patients are familiar with is called Venus Viva. This treatment uses NanoFractional RF™ and SmartScan™ technology to help visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Specifically, Venus Viva can be used to:

  • Diminish deep lines
  • Correct necklace lines
  • Reduce acne scars
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Decrease visible pores


Botox is the most popular non-invasive procedure out there because it works to help soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes in forehead in about one week. Plus, because Botox is more affordable than other treatments and it gives patients real results, they keep coming back for more time and time again.

Laser Skin Tightening

Another procedure that we offer at Medical Aesthetics and Wellness is called laser skin tightening which works to tighten the skin to give you a more youthful appearance. Depending on how severe your concerns are, we will determine just how many sessions are necessary to help you.

These are just a few of the treatments that we offer. During your initial consultation, we will go over all of your options. Are you ready to learn more about these methods used to give you a more youthful looking complexion? Schedule a consultation with our staff today at our Davenport office and give us a call at (563) 355-4813.

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