Facial Aesthetics Davenport, IA

Kiss With Confidence this V-Day

Yes, Valentine’s Day is all about wooing your significant other with a  slew of gifts they may or may not ever use— ahem, that teddy bear from the grocery store— but it’s also about showing your love, affection, and appreciation for that special someone in your life. If you plan on kissing someone new or […]

what is diluted botox? davenport iowa

What Does Diluted Botox Mean?

What It means to be a Top Tier Botox Clinic Our clinic is what is called “top tier” status. That means that we do more botox and fillers than the top 5% in the country. Not bad for Davenport, Iowa. One of the questions we get asked most often is “do you dilute your botox?” […]

how to weigh yourself in davenprt iowa

How to Weigh Yourself Correctly

How to use a scale In our clinic, we use the scale simply as data. Not good or bad, just information. If you are 200 pounds and in a month lose 5 pounds that means that you are eating like you are less than 200. If you gain 5 pounds that means that you are […]

body contouring davenport, ia

The Skinny on Non-Surgical Body Contouring in Davenport, IA

What is non-surgical body contouring? Non-surgical body contouring use machines that literally destroy fat under the skin. There are no needles and no scalpels so there is no downtime. It is not liposuction and it is much more affordable and less risky. Some patients absolutely need liposuction but many don’t. What kind of equipment is […]

botox injections in davenport ia

Why Get Botox?

Why Botox? Because it is simply amazing! What is Botox? In plain English, Botox is a protein that relaxes muscles. A doctor uses a small needle to inject the Botox protein into different muscle groups to decrease movement. Over a period of two weeks, Botox causes the muscles to weaken to either decrease or to […]

Can you outrun a muffin?

Best Way to Lose Weight I have been practicing obesity medicine for 5 years. There is no excuse that we have not heard. Excuses for gaining weight generally fall into different categories: stress (personal or family), holidays/parties, travel, illness (personal or family). There are more but those are the few that come to mind off […]

Lip Fillers davenport, ia

Expert Lip Injections

One of the most requested treatments we receive is for lip fillers. Once you reach your late 20’s and early 30’s you start to lose the anatomical features that are associated with beauty. The next time you see a toddler, look at his or her lips. You will see a defined border (called the vermillion […]

CoolSculpting® Davenport, IA

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays— they’re all fun and games until you step on the scale and see the numbers going up and up. Whether you have recently gotten CoolSculpting done or you want to use CoolSculpting as part of your weightloss journey, the last thing you need is some extra holiday poundage. Luckily, we at Medical Aesthetics […]

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